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The original Microlite20 is a trimmed-down, subminiature version of the Primary Fantasy Tabletop RPG SRD rules that has been designed to be quick and easy. Classes. The classes are Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Cleric. Characters begin at Level 1. Fighters. Wear any kind of armour and use shields. They have a +3 bo-. 13 Apr Microlite20 is published under the Open Gaming License, and rooted in the Dungeons & Dragons SRD, so it's free and we can mess with it.

The Microlite20 RPG Collection is a PDF compilation of Microlite20 based games . This collection is made available for free and is not to be sold. Each individual. The Difficulty Class (DC) for all spells is 10 + Caster Level + Caster's MIND bonus Microlite20 Monsters Name Armour Class Attack Animal (small) eg Badger HD. 5 Oct What is Microlite20? Microlite20 is an OGL role-playing game containing character generation, combat and rules for magic, monsters and level.

Microlite 20 is a simplified version of the d20 SRD: So simplified, in fact, that the core rules are less than words long. The rules, while simple, are . 16 Sep Microlite20 Purest Essence is a bit weirdly named. Rather than being a distilled version of M20, it's an expanded version, laid out nicely for. Welcome to the Wiki Edit. Welcome to the Microlite20 Wiki! OGL. Getting Started Edit. For players: Edit. Character Creation · Stats · Races · Classes · Skills. Microlite20 "is a trimmed-down, subminiature version of the Primary Fantasy SRD rules", and should, as far as I can see all you really need. Advanced Microlite20 OSS (Old School Style) is a trimmed down, subminiature version of the Primary Fantasy SRD rules (see license for more info) that has .

by PaulBaldowski Thu Jul 28, am. 2. Fri Aug 5, am. by GilvanBlight. 20, Microlite20 Purest Essence in review. by razumny Wed Jan 5, According to the "Mini 20" implementation of the Microlite20 rules (included in The Microlite20 RPG Collection PDF), 1d4 hit points are. Microluxe A free, open source tabletop game based on the Microlite20 ruleset. Travis Status Latest Release Discord Chat. 13 Apr Microlite20 is the most simple DnD type game there is. Generally the entirety of the rules are printed on one side of a piece of notebook paper.


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